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At Paul Jon we offer Content Creation, videography and photography services for events and weddings.

Based in Manchester, we've been capturing stunning content for many years

Paul Jon Films

Paul Jon Films

About Me.

Hi I’m Paul Jon

Thanks for taking the time to read this little bio.


I love weddings, I believe in the union of marriage and I love the celebration that it brings, I love them so much in fact that for the past 25 years I have set about capturing these wonderful days on film and as a result have filmed literally thousands of them across the UK and the world


This lifetime of experience gives me a unique insight into wedding days and it’s this that I bring to your day.


Alongside this lifetime at weddings I also spent many years in professional production, as a cameraman, an editor and an engineer working across the globe in Film and TV and also as an educator


I love capturing weddings on film, I love the fact that weddings are a live event and that I have to literally be everywhere but you don’t even notice. I love it that you get back a wonderful film of your day that looks like you had the best movie crew there but in fact it was just me. Over the years I’ve perfected the art of capturing weddings on multiple cameras which are small and discreet yet driven in a way that produces such great films.


I understand weddings, I understand the possible anxieties that couples may have on the day, so I have a very relaxed approach. I love being there but in truth I just slip into the background and you’ll hardly notice me at all.

This means everyone is relaxed and natural and won’t even know they are on film. I never stage manage anything so you can just get on with your day, I work well with your photographer so we just end up as a great team, you won't need to pose for the film because I make sure I just capture it all as it naturally happens.


My lovely couples give me such nice feedback that I know I must be getting it right. Scroll to the bottom of the page for my recent testimonials.


I use the very best cameras, astonishingly good lenses, drones and timelapses, and great sound gear. With the most modern of approaches you get the very best timeless film of your perfect day, all very small and discreet.


I’m a tech head so i’d always be happy to chat gear if you wish, but the reality is that for my couples its the end result that counts and it’s this that means I pour dozens of hours into in the post production stage. Everything I film is carefully colour graded and given my signature look so it looks it’s very best


I leave a wedding with many hours of film but I get straight on with the edit so you get your film quickly

Most couples have their film within a week.


I’d love to discuss your day with you, to explore the possibilities and bring the best out of such a big day in your lives and capture it perfectly. I just have one approach and therefore I’m usually with you all day from morning until night for 10 hours to capture all the spirit and fun of your day


You get a beautiful

10-15 minute Cinematic Feature Film

plus the Ceremony and Speeches as multi-camera mini films

You also get a 3 Minute Highlights Film 

2 x 30 second reels for your socials along with another 10 social ready clips



I also have more cost effective options for making just a short highlight film of around 5 Minutes,

I can work more or less hours and have a range of options that may suit your budget,

in fact Pricing starts at


so get in touch to find out more

Recent Testimonials

Hi Paul, 


We have just watched the video, twice. It is absolutely beautiful, I can't believe you've managed to create that in a week! 


You've really captured every special moment from our day and we couldn't ask for anything else. 


I had tears streaming down my face, especially when you featured the daffodil after showing my grandma. You really did get all the special little touches. 


Thank you so so much again! Once we have showed our family we will share it everywhere and be sure to tag you. 



The Jacksons 🤍🤍 30_3_24 Wyresdale Park

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